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9th April 2009

malinochka10:15am: Stories of kimchi gone wrong?
My CSA recently overloaded me with daikon radishes.  Two 3 weeks in a row, it was radish-mania, and by the last week, I was totally out of ideas for what to do with them.  Luckily, the CSA provides some recipies in their weekly newsletter, and towards the beginning of their radish-overdrive, the suggested recipie was for "root kimchi" to be made out of them.

The instructions were pretty simple, jullienne them, add garlic, ginger, peppers, maybe some greens and corrots. Mash untill the liquids are all released (that was surprisingly easy), and then leave in a glass jar, at room tempreture to *ferment*.

I followed all these instructions, and the stuff is now on it's last day of fermentation. The distinctive kimchi "smell" is definitely present in my kitchen, and when I get home today, I look forward to finally putting a lid on that jar and packing it into the fridge. 

It's the next step that worries me: Eating it.  I've never made a fermented product before. Can somethign go wrong?  What instead of a healthful asian dish, I grew the next batch of anthrax??? 

Help!!  How do I know this stuff won't kill me??
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6th April 2008

glazomaniac8:11pm: reubens
if i want to reinvent the reuben to my own peculiar & vegetarian tastes, what do you suggest to...

1. replace corned beef with? my friend suggests marinated portabello mushrooms. any other good ideas?

2. replace sauerkraut with? usually, i just go light on the kraut, as i don't like it much, but if there's a replacement that keeps the texture but has a different but good/better flavor, i am all for trying it.

25th January 2008

phat_slapstick5:26pm: eggs
A question to all you wonderful cooks out there:

What's the most interesting thing you've made with 6 eggwhites?

We're not talking about pavlovas and cakes here.

I made tiramisu and then just made an omelette with the leftover. I needed more... MOAR!!!
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7th December 2007

bungeebot1:16pm: Ramsey's Scrambled Eggs

Haven't tried making this yet, probably I'll give it a go tomorrow.

Tip: Whenever cooking a Gordon Ramsey recipe, always imagine he's there yelling at you, like you're one of his salad chefs. "You have a palate like a camel's backside!! Get back in fucking line!!"

4th December 2007

justdandy11:20pm: Punch-drunk
Hey guys. Uh. Kinda dead up in here. To liven it up, I have a serious conundrum/query -- not entirely food-related, but sort of. I mean, it's got caloric content. Sooo... henceforth, thereto:

Help a sister out. Long story short: big academic party coming up, lots of Russians, lots of tenured faculty, sooooo much vodka. I need a quick, easy, cheap recipe for vodka punch. Something that's a little more sophisticated than what I've found online, which is "1 bottle vodka + 1 can frozen lemonade concentrate + garbage can = your next awesomest frat party evar!!!11" Maybe if it involves some cut-up fruit or something, that would be nice.

Thanks so much and happy holidays.

2nd December 2007

phat_slapstick2:57pm: Food
Sorry I didn't do this earlier... hahaha...

top 10 Favourite consumables (WITH PICTURES! and maybe some explanation): 

behind the cut!Collapse )  

30th August 2007

psycholibrarian1:55pm: Tasty vittles recently constructed and consumed (courtesy of boyfriend kitchen experiments*):

Duck, Gingerbread and Butternut Squash Terrine

Branzino and Mackerel in Currant Emulsion, Carrot Flan and Red Onion Risotto

Grilled Chicken with Peach Sauce, Foie Gras Butter and Rutabaga Gratin

Wild Board Shoulder and Shank Braised in Violet Sauce, Onion Spaetzle and Baby carrots

Venison Chops and Braise, Basil Pain Perdu, White Asparagus and Strawberry Ragu

Kamchatka Crab Salad and Poached Duck Egg, Wrapped in Duck Prosciutto, Harvest Corn Sauce

Beef Basdirma, Short Rib and Shrimp Terrine, Caramelized Fennel and Dried Tomato Ravioli

Duck Magret in Pomegranate Sauce, Duck Confit and Foie Gras Kutab, Chanterelles and Haricots Verts

Braised and Grilled Lamb Chops in Apricot Sauce, Hallumi and Basil Risotto

I am always expected to produce a thoughtful critique after each dish. They are usually very good, but in need of some tweaking in the details.

What a rough life I have. ;)

(*I shouldn't even have to say this, but if anyone here is a cook/chef or knows someone who is, please don't steal the ideas too blatantly!)

17th August 2007

psycholibrarian9:49am: Shortbread.

So pure and simple, but is it not one of the most delicious things on earth?

3rd July 2007

malinochka9:32am: The Fourth
Having the Fourth in the middle of the week seems to discourages gluttony and celebration. Who want to plan a feast for a Wednesday? Well, foodies, I'm here to help us inspire each other to enjoy this day, to succumb to the joy of smelling charred meats and veggies fending off mosquitoes and drinking beer. Or sangria. Whatever your preference.

To celebrate the Fourth, please list your Top 4 Food to Grill. I'll start:
#1 - Flank Steak (to be topped with some with chimichurri)
#2 - Corn
#3 - Bell Peppers (they were born to be charred)
#4 - Spicy sausages
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21st June 2007

tattoo_tear12:07am: Oh. My. God.
If you Fresh Direct, get thee some of this:

And then do this:

Rhubarb Tart
Serves 6

sweet butter, for greasing [I got mine at Saxelby Cheesemonger at the Essex Street Market]
all-purpose flour
11 oz. pie crust dough*
2 eggs [also from Saxelby]
1 cup superfine sugar
14 oz. the most awesome vegefruit in the world, chopped
vanilla confectioners sugar (sugar stored with vanilla bean to flavor it)

Preheat oven to 350.
Grease and flour pie dish.
Press dough into dish or roll thin and drape over it.
Prick base of dough with fork. Let crust rest for ten minutes.
Meanwhile, whisk eggs with sugar untl pale and fluffy and fold in rhubarb. Spoon into crust.
Bake 45-50 minutes. Sprinkle with confectioners' sugar.

* Pie Crust Dough (recipe makes more than enough for pie):
1.75 cups flour
1/2 cup superfine sugar
1/2 cup butter, softened and in pieces
2 egg yolks
2 tsp lemon rind, grated

Mix together all ingredients, knead a little, wrap in plastic wrap and refridgerate for one hour before using.

OH MY GOD. This is the best dessert EVER. Oh why haven't I discovered rhubarb before?

20th June 2007

j00licious11:14am: Does anyone have any good lentil dishes? I have a bag of bog-standard brown lentils, as well as some split red lentils. Nothing on my usual recipe sites is really jumping out at me.

Also- I'm making home made hot and sour soup tonight, and I promise to post some food porn :D
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11th June 2007

psycholibrarian2:18pm: Three words:

Wild Boar Bacon.

Sorry, you veggies among us, but I had this last night and it was simply one of the BEST. THINGS. EVER.

It was served as a garnish with boar goulash with basil-carroway dumplings, artichoke, and paprika sauce that had lots of orange zest in it for a nice kick.


8th June 2007

kumquatpie11:32pm: 2 questions, about pots and pans, and subletting from non-cooks
1. My fiance and I are getting married this August, and as a result I am preparing our wedding registry. One of the things being put on is - naturally - a new set of cookware, because all our stuff is hand me downs and some of it has seen better days. I'm thinking about putting a stainless steel set on there (because I don't like nonstick cook pans and their potentially hazardous crud), but was wondering if anyone had a particular brand to suggest. I seem to remember Calphalon, but from what it looks like on Macy's, all they do is nonstick cookware? Or am I off my rocker. Also, any suggestions as to good stuff to put on the registry is always appreciated. I think we've got our essentials covered (new plates and all that does with that, some fun cooking stuff like a bread maker and an ice cream maker, a few less expensive items for those strapped with cash but still want to buy gifts). I don't feel like we really NEED anything so it's been hard. And of course the things we really do need (a new couch, a functioning TV), I hardly feel is appropriate for a registry.

2. I am subletting over the summer (usually I live in Atlanta with my fiance and two cats, but this summer I am exiled in DC for research reasons), and am facing some issues because the person I am subletting from apparently isn't much of a cook, nor is her roommate, who is here for the summer. People my age don't know how to cook???!?!Collapse )

Thanks in advance for your help!!!
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6th June 2007

sadira428:51am: Gathering
Hello, foodsters! I have long wanted to have a New York gathering of the hungry horde. I am open to suggestion on choice of restaurant, but I have my eye on this place. It's not cheap - the tasting menu is $49. It does look delicious, though, so I bet it's worth scrimping for a week. Who's interested?

21st May 2007

kumquatpie11:08pm: guava?
Hey all.

I was at the grocery store tonight, and lo and behold, what did I see but guava! At first they looked like deformed limes to me. I'd never seen any before, although I LOVED this raspberry guava juice my mom used to get (has anyone heard of Koala? I think that's what it was called ...), so of course I had to get a couple.

But I'm at a loss as to what to do with them. I'm thinking of maybe poaching them in red wine and then using them as a topping for cheesecake.

I went vegetarian a few months ago, so that leaves meat options out.

Speaking of which, mango season is upon us. Who else is excited about getting their hands on the king of the mangoes? Mmmmmmmm. I actually made this mango ginger tofu the other night (along with quinoa with pan fried corn and scallions with orange zest and chives), and it was amazingly delicious.
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24th April 2007

rosa_mundi11:30pm: Soup question.
I'm going to a "Soup Swap" this Sunday: you make 6 quarts of soup and freeze them in 6 1 QT containers. You bring them to the swap, and trade. Cool people and six different kinds of soup sounds like a great time. It'll be fun. Anyway, I've got some ideas, but does anyone have any favorite soup recipes that freeze well, aren't too expensive to make, and are all kinds of tasty?

Here are the soups already being made:

French Quarter
Lebanese lentil
Carrot ginger
Possibly squash bacon
Red lentil

It's my last week of school before graduation, and this is more fun than continuing to tackle the piles of papers and projects due in about a week. I won't always post this frequently, I swear.

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23rd April 2007

j00licious11:28am: Hi all! zeriel and I have been invited to dinner on Thursday, and I need some advice. It's a Japanese-style dinner, and I know we're going to be served sushi. My question is: what should I contribute? (They have sake on hand, so that's out.)

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22nd April 2007

rosa_mundi7:09pm: Oranges.
Every week, I get an organic fruit and vegetable box from the co-op. It's generally really heavy on oranges. I like oranges okay, but never end up eating them. I'm trying really, really hard not to let fruits and vegetables rot. What can I do with oranges? I've thought of smoothies, but I'm sort of at a loss.

18th April 2007

bungeebot11:45am: Purple French Toast
I have to link to this post because it's (to me) a new kind of french toast which seems a bit weird:


2nd April 2007

rosa_mundi12:21pm: Food blogs.
Food as in recipe, restaurant review, or even discussion of food-related issues. Do you read them? Which ones do you read? I like:

Chubby Hubby : A man, and occasionally his wife. Singapore and international restaurant reviews, as well as a lot of their own cooking. Beautifully laid out.

Vegan Lunch Box : The apocalypse will come before I go vegan. That said, this blog is unbelievable: a woman's vegan lunches for her son. Impressive. Also really well laid out.

The Girl Who Ate Everything : The opposite of pretentious, this girl eats not too dissimilarly from the way I do, or would if money and getting squishier than I'd like to around the middle were no object. Great pictures, great variety, and funny captions.

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29th March 2007

rosa_mundi8:51am: Application
Hi. I found this community through psycholibrarian's info page, and have lurked, reading your fantastic food posts, for maybe a year? I love food: cooking it, eating it, reading about it, and looking at pictures of it. I want to get better at the first one. Anyway, I'm not sure if this community's still accepting applicants, but what the hell. Here are my choices.

1. Bahn Mi: Vietnamese sandwiches. So delicious, so cheap, and they manage to be light and filling at the same time. Mayo, pickled carrots and daikon, thick slices of jalapeno, cilantro, pate, and various types of pork on a big, crusty French roll.

2. Thin crust pizza: Deep dish is okay, but the best is a cracker-thin, yet durable crust, lots of spicy, slightly acidic sauce, not tons of cheese. I like most topping combinations except ham and pineapple, but I really, really like goat cheese and olive, asiago, chicken, and rosemary, or ricotta, tomato, and basil.

3. Chow Fun: Wide noodles pan-fried a lovely golden-brown. I like it with bok choy and barbeque pork, though beef is good too. A little greasy, The best I ever had was a small, shack-type place on the corner of some street in New York's Chinatown. I can't remember the name. It's driving me crazy. Nothing was over $4, and it was super fresh and hot and, well, perfect.

4. Pistachio ice cream from Mitchell's in San Francisco: I grew up and went to elementary school not too far from here. I'm not a huge sweet fan or a huge ice cream lover, but there's is great. Waffle cone with pistachio ice cream. Sweet cream is also tasty, and they have the rare peppermint stick kind.

5. Spinach: I like it most ways, but my mom makes a warm spinach salad with homemade vinaigrette, chopped bacon, and feta or bleu cheese. Stir-fried with a lot of garlic and a little sesame oil is wonderful, too.

6. Potatoes: Any way I can get them. Mashed, boiled, fried, baked, in samosa or latke form, I can't turn down a potato.

7. Pierogi: Fried or boiled. I like the Polish way of boiling, then frying in butter. Cheese and potato, onion, meat, topped with sour cream and grilled onions.

8. Dim Sum: Shrimp dumplings, shu mai, congee, chicken feet even though it inevitably grosses the rest of the table out. Dumplings. Rice noodle rolls. Sesame seed balls.

9. Baked brie with apricot preserves: Delicious and really, really, really easy. Bake a round of brie. Spread with apricot preserves while still warm. Sprinkle with chopped walnuts.

10. Bacon-wrapped hot dogs: I recently went back to San Francisco to see my best friend from childhood, and every three blocks around the Mission street vendors were selling these. Oh my God. Best drunk food ever, and pretty great any other time as well. I love salt and meat and fat. If I were going to die of a heart attack, this wouldn't be a bad way to do it.

11. This one breakfast at a Colombian-Mexican restaurant in Pilsen, Chicago: Calentado, yellow breakfast rice with vegetables and pieces of pork. Whole beans topped with queso de crema. Fried plantains. Your choice of carne asada or chorizo, and it comes with warm corn tortillas. I guess that brings me to...

12. Coffee: Good coffee is important. I have a really hard time drinking bad coffee. I like the ritual of making it, I like how it cuts through the grease of breakfast or a sugary dessert. I've been drinking tea a lot more recently, but strong, dark roast coffee with a lot of milk and a some sugar...yeah.

13. Mango lassi, sweet: My 8-year-old cousin introduced me to these. "You've never HAD one???!!!!" she shrieked. Heaven in a glass.

13th March 2007

sadira4212:10pm: Tasty!
If you ever wondered about table rules for Chinese and Japanese cuisine, here is a good post about it. This correlates to that poll I did about putting soy sauce on rice. Personally, I am very much opposed to it for various reasons (too salty, doesn't compliment food, etc.), but apparently it also makes rice too saucy to pick up with chopsticks. Good to know.

This is a food I have never heard of until just now. Balut. Has anyone tried it? Tell me more!

25th February 2007


These did not taste like race car at all.


19th February 2007

pirate_cail2:02pm: Caramels pt 2
Made more candy this weekend.  Mostly followed the same recipe except we didn't have light cream, and ran out of corn syrup.

We used 1/2 and 1/2 and heavy cream instead of light cream, which i think made the caramel softer, and used honey as the 2nd half of the corn syrup.

The end result was WONDERFUL.  We rolled them earlier while still softer and slightly warm to see if it was easier.  they looked gooey and yummy when cut.  Also the nuts were more evenly distributed this way.

You can vaguely taste the honey, which honestly is a positive addition to the mix.

In the future I'd probably stick to the higher fat content milk as we did here, and maybe add some extra flavors as we did with the honey.

Quite fun.

But honestly, I think I need to cut back on the candy making.  My diet is suffering.

18th February 2007

kumquatpie9:21pm: we should share more recipes
I feel the need to share this recipe because it's become one of my favorites to prepare as it is easy, delicious, and involves ingredients I always have on hand. Plus it is vegetarian and could easily be made vegan if you just substitute some soy cheese for the regular parmigiano reggiano and pecorino romano (of course, that seems a travesty to me, but such is life).

recipe from Giada di Laurentiis of Everyday ItalianCollapse )

I would post food porn, but I feel lazy. Maybe next time.
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