Molotov (justdandy) wrote in thefoodyoucrew,


Hey guys. Uh. Kinda dead up in here. To liven it up, I have a serious conundrum/query -- not entirely food-related, but sort of. I mean, it's got caloric content. Sooo... henceforth, thereto:

Help a sister out. Long story short: big academic party coming up, lots of Russians, lots of tenured faculty, sooooo much vodka. I need a quick, easy, cheap recipe for vodka punch. Something that's a little more sophisticated than what I've found online, which is "1 bottle vodka + 1 can frozen lemonade concentrate + garbage can = your next awesomest frat party evar!!!11" Maybe if it involves some cut-up fruit or something, that would be nice.

Thanks so much and happy holidays.
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