Cail (pirate_cail) wrote in thefoodyoucrew,

Caramels pt 2

Made more candy this weekend.  Mostly followed the same recipe except we didn't have light cream, and ran out of corn syrup.

We used 1/2 and 1/2 and heavy cream instead of light cream, which i think made the caramel softer, and used honey as the 2nd half of the corn syrup.

The end result was WONDERFUL.  We rolled them earlier while still softer and slightly warm to see if it was easier.  they looked gooey and yummy when cut.  Also the nuts were more evenly distributed this way.

You can vaguely taste the honey, which honestly is a positive addition to the mix.

In the future I'd probably stick to the higher fat content milk as we did here, and maybe add some extra flavors as we did with the honey.

Quite fun.

But honestly, I think I need to cut back on the candy making.  My diet is suffering.
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