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Stories of kimchi gone wrong?

My CSA recently overloaded me with daikon radishes.  Two 3 weeks in a row, it was radish-mania, and by the last week, I was totally out of ideas for what to do with them.  Luckily, the CSA provides some recipies in their weekly newsletter, and towards the beginning of their radish-overdrive, the suggested recipie was for "root kimchi" to be made out of them.

The instructions were pretty simple, jullienne them, add garlic, ginger, peppers, maybe some greens and corrots. Mash untill the liquids are all released (that was surprisingly easy), and then leave in a glass jar, at room tempreture to *ferment*.

I followed all these instructions, and the stuff is now on it's last day of fermentation. The distinctive kimchi "smell" is definitely present in my kitchen, and when I get home today, I look forward to finally putting a lid on that jar and packing it into the fridge. 

It's the next step that worries me: Eating it.  I've never made a fermented product before. Can somethign go wrong?  What instead of a healthful asian dish, I grew the next batch of anthrax??? 

Help!!  How do I know this stuff won't kill me??
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