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The Food You Crew

Foodies unite!
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All Members , Moderated
We will rate your taste in food. Whether we cook or go out all the damn time, we appreciate a certain quality of food to be on our plate. We are not gourmands (though some of us may be), but we are snarky and will let you know what we like and dislike.

This community will not rate your tastebuds. If you like oysters, I won't automatically reject you just because I think they're disgusting. All I ask is that you have a proper love of food and can be descriptive.

Immediately upon joining, post a list of 10-15 favorite foods and a description. This can be a straight up fruit or vegetable, it can be an elaborate dish, or it can be something you've tasted once and have longed to eat again for years. I will allow drinks if they require preparation (e.g. hot chocolate or smoothies) and I will also allow food-drinks pairings (e.g. a perfect wine to go with a particular dish).

If you can show me that you love food and the majority of members vote yes, I will accept you and you'll be able to vote on other applicants.
If you post something other than your list without first being accepted, I will ban you.
If we're not sure about your list, we may ask you for clarification or more favorite foods.

I also expect that we will have discussions of favorite dishes, possible recipe postings, etc.